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Well Behaved Wives pdf

Well Behaved Wives by Amy Sue Nathan PDF Summary

Law school graduate and newlywed Ruth Appelbaum is acclimating to life and marriage in a posh Philadelphia neighborhood. She’ll do almost anything to endear herself to her mother-in-law, who’s already signed up Ruth for etiquette lessons conducted by the impeccably accessorized tutor Lillian Diamond. But Ruth brings something fresh to the small circle of housewives―sharp wit, honesty, and an independent streak that won’t be compromised.

Right away Ruth develops a friendship with the shy Carrie Blum. When Carrie divulges a dark and disturbing secret lurking beneath her seemingly perfect life, Ruth invites Lillian and the Diamond Girls of the etiquette school to finally question the status quo.

Together they form an unbreakable bond and stretch well beyond their comfort zones. For once, they’ll challenge what others expect from them, discover what they expect from themselves, and do whatever it takes to protect one of their own―fine manners be damned.

The 1960s were transformative years for America, particularly for women. Coming out of the 1950s, many women felt constrained by limiting gender roles. However, in the early 1960s, feminism had not yet taken deep root. Women began to ask spiritual questions about whether there was more to life than being “well behaved.” This book chronicles women’s challenges of this era while shining light on repressive issues like domestic violence.

Ruth Applebaum is a newlywed with a law degree. She is supposed to be studying for the bar exam and lives with her husband in Philadelphia in her in-laws’ attic. Her mother died when Ruth was a child, so she is seeking to live her life without a traditional model. Secrets constrain her. She does not share with her in-laws that she has legal aspirations because she is afraid to buck the social pressure of being the perfect housewife. Jewish family culture is featured prominently in this story – a trait I love.

Ruth’s mother-in-law suggests that she take etiquette lessons. While at first insulted, she decides to join a group run by a neighbor Lillian. During these lessons, Ruth discovers a small group of friends joined by their early stage in life. Yet Ruth’s persistent questioning, honed by Columbia Law School education, leads this group to self-awakening – including Lillian, their well-behaved leader, with her own private history.

Soon, a case of domestic violence emerges. Ruth has experience in these cases because of hopes of serving in this aspect of family law. She discovers, however, that each member of her group has their own attitude and issues towards this case. They learn that telling the truth to friends is much more important than keeping secrets. And each grows past her sticking point. By the end of the novel, they are set to move on with their lives and with the unfolding of the 1960s.

Details of Well Behaved Wives PDF Book

Book Name:Well Behaved Wives: A Novel
Author:Amy Sue Nathan
Pages:319 Pages
Publisher:Lake Union Publishing
Release Date:November 1, 2022

About the Author

Amy Sue Nathan is the author of five novels, including The Last Bathing Beauty and Left to Chance, and the founder of the award-winning Women’s Fiction Writers blog, named a Best Website for Writers by Writer’s Digest. Her stories and essays have appeared in such publications as the Chicago TribuneChicago ParentWriter’s Digest, and HuffPost, and online in the New York Times, among others.

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