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The well-liked book Vikings Bride by Mariah Stone has drawn readers from all around the world. A romantic, treacherous, and adventurous story set in the Viking era. We will provide you with a thorough analysis of the book in this article, covering its plot, characters, themes, and writing style. Our goal is to give you insightful information that will enhance your understanding of the book.

Book TitleViking’s Bride: A Viking time travel romance (Called by a Viking Book 3)
Author(s)Mariah Stone
GenreTime Travel Romance
Size1 MB

Viking’s Bride by Mariah Stone PDF Summary

The narrative of the book is about a teenage girl named Freya who is kidnapped by the Viking warrior Leif. Freya is first scared of Leif and his tribe, but as time passes, she starts to feel something for him. Freya is forced to choose between her love for Leif and her family as their relationship grows.

The book’s plot has a strong foundation, and the pacing is excellent. The plot twists and turns keep the readers on the edge of their seats, and the author has succeeded in keeping their interest throughout the entire novel.


In Vikings Bride, the characters are believable and well-developed. Strong and self-reliant, Freya is not afraid to stand up for her convictions. Leif, on the other hand, is a fearless fighter who also shows Freya sympathy and care. Additionally well-written, the supporting cast gives the narrative complexity and depth.


Numerous topics are covered in the book, such as love, loyalty, treachery, and adventure. This novel is thought-provoking to read because the author skillfully incorporated these issues into the storyline.

Writing Format:

Mariah Stone has a compelling and engaging writing style. She has a talent for engrossing readers in the narrative and giving them a sense of inclusion. The novel is well-written, and the detailed descriptions let readers picture the scenes in their minds.


In conclusion, Mariah Stone’s book Vikings Bride is a well-written, engrossing story that is definitely worth reading. The characters are likable, the concepts are thought-provoking, and the plot is well-developed. Anyone who enjoys reading historical romance novels should definitely pick up this book.

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