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Tranquility by Tuesday PDF Summary

Do you find yourself hoping that someday, life will be less hectic? One day, you say, you’ll finally have time for the activities you love – writing that book, completing that triathlon, traveling with friends. But if the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, life is unpredictable. If we’re not careful, dull, unfulfilling tasks can quickly occupy our precious hours, derail our best-laid plans, and make life feel like a slog.

In Tranquility by Tuesday, Laura Vanderkam explains that if you want something to happen, you must design your life to make it happen. Work crises, childcare emergencies, and home repairs are inevitable, and the mundane tasks of life – cooking, cleaning, laundry – aren’t going anywhere. To make time for what matters, you need a resilient schedule, not a perfect schedule. Based on a time diary study of over 150 people, Vanderkam shares nine strategies for building opportunities for joy, nourishment, and fulfillment into your week, such as:

  • Three times a week is a habit
  • One big adventure, one little adventure
  • Effortful before effortless

This is more than a time management book about “how to do it all.” It’s a look at how real people changed their lives using Vanderkam’s nine rules and how you can do the same. It’s about intentionally living the life you want and becoming an autonomous steward of life’s possibilities.

This book is truly great! Vanderkam offers well-researched ways to break away from the guilt and shame associated with doing something for yourself and strategies for creating boundaries for this time. Vanderkam helps us prioritize our time for the ultimate goal.

Tranquility is a gift: a research-backed, step-by-step guide to making time for what—and who—matters most. Vanderkam offers essential strategies for making the most of our days, no matter how busy we are, and finding meaning in our daily routines and relationships. This book will make you more thoughtful and intentional about how you spend your most precious resource.

Details of Tranquility by Tuesday PDF Book

Book Name:Tranquility by Tuesday: 9 Ways to Calm the Chaos and Make Time for What Matters
Author:Laura Vanderkam
Genre:Time Management
Pages:288 Pages
Release Date:October 11, 2022

About the Author

Laura Vanderkam is the author of several time management and productivity books, including The New Corner Office, Juliet’s School of PossibilitiesOff the ClockI Know How She Does ItWhat the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast, and 168 Hours. Her work has appeared in publications including The New York TimesThe Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, and Fortune.

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