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The Wilderwomen pdf

The Wilderwomen by Ruth Emmie Lang PDF Summary

Five years ago, Nora Wilder disappeared. The older of her two daughters, Zadie, should have seen it because she could see things coming. But not even her psychic abilities could prevent their mother from vanishing one morning.

Zadie’s estranged younger sister, Finn, can’t see into the future. Still, she has an uncannily good memory, so good that she remembers not only her memories but the echoes of memories other people have left behind. On the afternoon of her graduation party, Finn is seized by an “echo” more potent than anything she’s experienced before: a woman singing a song she recognizes, a song about a bird…When Finn wakes up alone in an aviary with no idea how she got there, she realizes that the memory belongs to Nora.

Now, it’s up to Finn to convince her sister that their mom is still out there and that she wants to be found. Against Zadie’s better judgment, she and Finn hit the highway, using Finn’s echoes to retrace Nora’s footsteps and uncover the answer to the question that has haunted them for years: Why did she leave?

But the more time Finn spends in their mother’s past, the harder it is for her to return to the present, to return to herself. As Zadie feels her sister start to slip away, she will have to decide what lengths she will go to find their mother, knowing that if she chooses wrong, she could lose them both for good.

A psychedelic dream of a story! In The Wilderwomen Ruth Emmie Lang spins a complex tale of three women whose gifts set them apart from the world and each other. Their struggle to reconnect and solve the mystery of their mother’s disappearance makes for a wild ride. Ruth Emmie Lang will have you hooked with sparky dialogue and terrific storytelling.

The world needs more stories about sisters on road trips, and The Wilderwomen is here to set us on the right path. Ruth Emmie Lang uses a touch of the fantastic to propel a family mystery and a missing person case. Still, mostly she gives us beautiful landscapes, two very different sisters coming of age, and a compelling cast of characters they meet along their wild way.

Details of The Wilderwomen PDF Book

Book Name:The Wilderwomen: A Novel
Author:Ruth Emmie Lang
Pages:336 Pages
Publisher:St. Martin’s Press
Release Date:November 15, 2022

About the Author

Ruth Emmie Lang was born in Glasgow, Scotland, and has the red hair to prove it. When she was four years old, she immigrated to Ohio, where she has lived ever since. She has back lost her Scottish accent but still has the hair. Ruth lives with her husband and son on two wooded acres in the Cleveland area.

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