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The Wild and Free Family

The Wild and Free Family PDF Book Summary

In the wild and free Family pdf, As parents, we dream of creating a magical childhood for our kids, yet it can be so easy to slip into autopilot. Ainsley Arment—a mother of five, founder of the thriving community Wild + Free, and bestselling author—is no stranger to the barrage of decisions, opportunities, and daily tasks that each day brings. But what Ainsley has discovered is that the magic of life isn’t found in the hustle and bustle of constant activity but in the intentional ordinary decisions of our days. And when we assume that a family has to look or act a certain way, we miss the opportunity to build a meaningful and fulfilling life together. 

Drawn from her family’s stories and those shared by the Wild + Free community, The Wild + Free Family explores how to create a family culture that breaks the mold by seeking to connect with our children, unleash their gifts, pursue a shared vision together, and redeem generational brokenness, among so much more. Inside these pages are Ainsley’s words of encouragement, honesty, and wisdom, guiding all parents to create a home where families can forge their path to love stronger, live more fully, and grow closer to each other. 

Insisting that parents get to choose whether their kids grow up stressed or peaceful, Arment covers such topics as creating a family culture, embracing adventure as a classroom, and how to “not grow weary” as a parent. A wealth of personal anecdotes and feel-good wisdom… this is just right.

Arment starts the book by describing some events in her life that led her to decide to make a move with her young family back to her hometown, giving up the security of their jobs to chase a more purposeful life. She has a few inspirational words that encourage the reader to find their own purpose and free themselves from a boring standard life.

The first few chapters cover creating a family culture and connecting with your kids while preserving their childhood instead of treating them like adults too early. Arment suggests specific steps to build the connection with your kids, and ways to identify and encourage their strengths. She also gives examples of how to create a positive and safe environment.

The next few chapters discuss healing from your past and finding new adventures for your family to explore. Arment ways to support your children, nurturing their hopes and dreams; she even gives some advice for handling more challenging times.

Details of The Wild and Free Family PDF Book

Book Name:The Wild and Free Family: Forging Your Own Path to a Life Full of Wonder, Adventure, and Connection
Author:Ainsley Arment
Pages:244 Pages
Release Date:August 30, 2022

About the Author

Ainsley Arment is the founder and leader of Wild + Free and co-host of the weekly Wild + Free Podcast. As she leads this movement of raising her kids and homeschooling in a new way, she thinks deeply about making the most out of life and ensuring that her children have a fertile seedbed for their own uniqueness and creativity.

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