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Download the PDF of The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson for free. The Well of Ascension (Mistborn, Book 2) is a very unpredictable, fast-paced book full of action and suspense.

Brandon Sanderson’s explanation of “The Well of Ascension” PDF

The Well of Ascension (Mistborn, Book 2) is a really great book, mainly because it focuses on the topic. Brandon Sanderson is the author of this book. This is another great book by Sanderson. His second book in the “Mistborn” series, “The Well of Ascension”, begins about a year after the end of the first book. Since the godlike Lord Ruler was defeated and killed by VIN, Sazed, and Marsh, various regions of the Final Empire have fallen into chaos, with anarchy or tyranny becoming the new norm. Vin and the deceased Kelshar’s crew are now led by Elend Venture, the new king of Central Dominance (the site of Luthadel, the former capital of the defunct Final Empire). The Lord Ruler never released more than a small amount of his atium (which gives the Mistborn an advantage in combat and makes them nearly invincible) during his lifetime, so no one knows where it is. I believe there must be one, and I’m in Lusadel, where this much-rumored hiding place is also believed to be.

“The Well of Ascension” by Brandon Sanderson

The desire of the other princes of the fallen Final Empire to gain control of Atium is central to the plot of the second volume. These other monarchs march large armies to besiege their former capitals. As VIN and his crew struggle to protect the city and Elend learns how to be a truly effective ruler, the entire world seems to be going from bad to worse. The Mist is killing people again, something it hasn’t done since before the Lord Ruler first ascended to godhood, and the Inquisitor of Steel has apparently vanished from the depths. Vin and Sazed remember the Sovereign’s last words, telling them that killing him would spell their own destruction. They begin to suspect that he is telling the truth. Together with the rest of the crew, led by Elend, they try to find a way to make things right again. But an evil force is controlling them, and their attempts to make things right may end up leading to the end of the world. Overall, this is a story with a complex plot and great world-building.

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  • Name: Well of Ascension (Mistborn, Book 2)
  • Author: Brandon Sanderson
  • ISBN: 0765316889
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Action, suspense, thrill
  • Format: PDF/ePub
  • size:
  • Number of pages: 592
  • Price: Free

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