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The Resurrected Jesus

The Resurrected Jesus PDF Book Summary

In the fifth and final installment of his bestselling Jesus series, David Limbaugh digs into the New Testament epistles with passion and imagination, showing that the testimony of Jesus’ earliest followers provides irrefutable proof of His resurrection.

Inspired by God and penned by the apostles, the epistles were written to the first Christians to proclaim the divinity of Christ and to encourage them to persevere through persecution, famine, sickness, and doubt.

On a lawyerly quest for truth, Limbaugh looks behind these biblical texts, exploring the lives of their authors, who included some of those closest to the Lord—his most intimate friends, Peter and John, and his kinsmen, James and Jude. The result is an unforgettable encounter with Jesus.

The Resurrected Jesus pdf speaks to the church’s struggles today, strengthening believers and challenging doubters with the eyewitness accounts of the messengers who traveled far and wide to proclaim the resurrected Christ.

The Resurrected Jesus pdf” will take you on a beautiful tour through the section of the Bible that has the most insights for everyday Christian living than virtually anywhere else— Paul’s prison and pastoral letters. And David Limbaugh and Christen Limbaugh-Bloom deliver! This book will not only renew your mind; it has a devotional feel that will nourish your soul. Like skilled storytellers, this father and daughter team will make you think the Apostle has come back to narrate and expound his letters! An enlightening read for both the new believer and long-time Christian. 

Details of The Resurrected Jesus PDF Book

Book Name:The Resurrected Jesus: The Church in the New Testament 
Author:David Limbaugh (Author), Christen Limbaugh Bloom (Author)
Genre:Christian Church Growth
Pages:256 Pages
Publisher:Regnery Publishing
Release Date:September 6, 2022

About the Author

David Limbaugh is a lawyer, nationally syndicated columnist, political commentator, and the author of ten bestsellers, including Jesus on TrialThe Emmaus CodeThe True Jesus, and Jesus rises

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