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The Mosquito Bowl pdf

The Mosquito Bowl by Buzz Bissinger Book Summary

When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, college football was at the height of its popularity. As the nation geared up for total war, one branch of the service dominated the aspirations of college football stars: the United States Marine Corps.

This is why, on Christmas Eve of 1944, when the 4th and 29th Marine regiments found themselves in the middle of the Pacific Ocean training for what would be the bloodiest battle of the war – the invasion of Okinawa—their ranks included one of the most incredible pools of football talent ever assembled: Former All Americans, captains from Wisconsin and Brown and Notre Dame, and nearly twenty men who were either drafted or would ultimately play in the NFL.

When the trash-talking between the 4th and 29th over who had the better football team reached a fever pitch, it was decided: The two regiments would play each other in a football game as close to the real thing as you could get in the dirt and coral of Guadalcanal. The bruising and bloody game became known as “The Mosquito Bowl.”

Within months, 15 of the 65 players in “The Mosquito Bowl” would be killed at Okinawa, by far the largest number of American athletes ever to die in a single battle. The Mosquito Bowl is the story of these brave and beautiful young men, those who survived and those who did not. It is the story of the families and the landscape that shaped them. It is a story of a far more innocent time in college athletics and the country’s life, and of the loss of that innocence.

Writing with the style and rigor that won him a Pulitzer Prize and have made several of his books modern classics, Buzz Bissinger takes us from the playing fields of America’s campuses where boys played at being Marines to the final time they were allowed to still be boys on that field of dirt and coral, to the darkest and deadliest days that followed at Okinawa.

The Mosquito Bowl pdf is savage, piercing and haunting. Buzz Bissinger has written an utterly heartbreaking saga that fuses the macho glory of college football with the brutality and futility of combat. It is a measure of Bissinger’s singular talent that his searing account is tragic, inspiring, and unforgettable.

Bissinger’s latest hearkens back to an entirely different era in college football than the one we know today. But America was different back then, too. He first draws out the characters and backgrounds of key college football stars—the sport was at the height of its popularity—who would go on to fight in World War II. Then he takes them to the Pacific theater and to Christmas Eve of 1944 when the 4th and 29th Marine regiments fielded star-studded teams in a game dubbed the Mosquito Bowl. Finally, he moves to the bloody battle of Okinawa.

War is often used as a metaphor for sports, but rarely do the two intersect—Bissinger goes far beyond metaphor, deftly revealing the humans engaged in these pursuits, making us care for them. Along the way, he also reveals the glory and the blemishes of the era in a book that builds steam as it goes, setting these young men, nearly just boys, at the unscrolling edge of history. 

Details of The Mosquito Bowl PDF Book

Book Name:The Mosquito Bowl: A Game of Life and Death in World War II
Author:Buzz Bissinger
Pages:480 Pages
Release Date:September 13, 2022

About the Author

Buzz Bissinger was born in 1954. He is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist whose books include the New York Times bestsellers Three Nights in August and Friday Night Lights. He has served as a contributing editor for Vanity Fair and as a sports columnist for the Daily Beast, and has written for the New York TimesThe Washington Post, the New Republic, Time, and many other publications.

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