The Love of My Life by Rosie Walsh PDF Book

The Love of My Life pdf

Hello, companions. In this post, we will provide the Women’s Domestic Life Fiction, The Love of My Life PDF by Rosie Walsh. So you can get it in the English language. Pamela Dorman Books published this book. Stay tuned to this post, and let’s enjoy the Book.

The Love of My Life pdf

The Love of My Life by Rosie Walsh Book Summary

The author of the New York Times bestseller Ghosted returns with a novel that will keep you up all night: a love story with a secret.

Emma is devoted to her family and will go to any lengths to protect her husband Leo and their baby daughter Ruby. However, nearly all of her claims about who she is and what she’s like have been fabricated.

If not for her husband’s profession, she may have gotten away with it. Leo is a funeral writer, and Emma is a famous marine biologist. Leo’s wife gets sick, and he deals with it by doing what he does best: learning as much as he can about her and writing about it. As he digs deeper, though, he finds out that the woman he loves doesn’t actually exist. None of it is true, not even her name.

When Emma’s darkest memories from her past surface, she must convince Leo that she is still the woman he has always believed her to be. However, she can’t let this other love of her life go unmentioned.

The Love of My Life is an extraordinary novel. Rosie Walsh combines the emotional punch of the best of romance with the page-turning twists of the most masterful thrillers. I was torn between pausing to weep, and ploughing on to solve the mysteries

Details of The Love of My Life PDF Book

Book Name:The Love of My Life: A Novel
Author:Rosie Walsh
Genre:Women’s Domestic Life Fiction
Pages:384 Pages
Publisher:Pamela Dorman Books
Release Date:March 1, 2022

About the Author

Rosie Walsh lived and traveled all over the world, working as a documentary producer and writer. Ghosted, her American debut, was a New York Times bestseller and has sold more than a million copies worldwide. The Love of My Life is her second novel. She lives in Devon, UK, with her partner and two children.

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