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The Goddess Effect pdf

The Goddess Effect by Sheila Marikar PDF Book Summary

Anita is over her life in New York: her dead-end job, tiny studio apartment, self-obsessed friends, and an overbearing mom. So she moves west to Los Angeles, searching for a new career, enlightenment, and that nebulous target…wellness.

She discovers an elite workout class called the Goddess Effect, run by a lifestyle guru named Venus, who’s the very definition of #goals. One look at her Lululemon-clad acolytes sweating out their demons while dripping with confidence, and Anita’s all in. When one of the class regulars takes Anita under her wing, Anita’s sure she’s found her people.

But Anita’s not so smitten that she doesn’t wonder about a few things: an inexplicable invitation to a Goddess Effect retreat, a strange tradition of secret sharing, and whispers about “enhancements” that only Venus can provide. Anita is awakening to a terrifying epiphany: the Goddess Effect isn’t quite what it seems, and it may turn her world―and everyone around her―upside down.

The Goddess Effect pdf is a fall-on-the-floor funny, fresh, and modern take on one woman’s journey to hell and back―and by ‘hell and back,’ I mean a three-month stay in Los Angeles. Here, the devil smells of Santal 33, has hair that cascades in beachy waves, and wears this season’s, Rick Owens. Our charming tour guide of Hades on the 405 is Anita Kathlikar, the hilarious love child of Bridget Jones and Lucille Ball, who I didn’t know I needed but ended up loving more than I can tell you. Sheila Yasmin Marikar is a pitch-perfect comic genius who delivers a sparkling miracle of a book that left me asking: What exactly is my soul’s highest purpose, and what exactly is the best Instagram filter for this picture of my power greens smoothie and collagen toast?

Sheila Yasmin Marikar’s writing is colorful…She had me laughing in one breath, cringing in the next, only to turn on a dime and knock the wind out of me with her honesty. The Goddess Effect skillfully sends up our current obsession with image, tech, and wellness, but at its heart is a timeless human truth: there’s nothing we won’t do to belong.

Sheila Yasmin Marikar’s novel is a witty and compelling exploration of growth, identity, and power. The Goddess Effect is impossible to put down. Readers everywhere will root for Anita on her journey full of self-discovery and surprises. Told with a rare blend of humor and insight, this delicious story will captivate readers from beginning to end!

Details of The Goddess Effect PDF Book

Book Name:The Goddess Effect: A Novel
Author:Sheila Yasmin Marikar
Pages:288 Pages
Publisher:Little A
Release Date:October 1, 2022

About the Author

Sheila Yasmin Marikar’s work has been published in the New Yorker, the New York Times, the EconomistFortuneBloomberg BusinessweekVogue, and many other publications. Her New York Times Magazine profile of the chef Gaggan Anand was selected for the 2021 edition of Best American Food Writing

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