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The Divider pdf

The Divider by Peter Baker Book Summary

The inside story of the four years when Donald Trump went to war with Washington, from the chaotic beginning to the violent finale, told by revered journalists Peter Baker of The New York Times and Susan Glasser of The New Yorker—an ambitious and lasting history of the full Trump presidency that also contains dozens of exclusive scoops and stories from behind the scenes in the White House, from the absurd to the deadly serious.

The bestselling authors of The Man Who Ran Washington argue that Trump was not just lurching from one controversy to another; he was learning to be more like the foreign autocrats he admired.

The Divider brings us into the Oval Office for countless scenes both tense and comical, revealing how close we got to nuclear war with North Korea, which cabinet members had a resignation pact, whether Trump asked Japan’s prime minister to nominate him for a Nobel Prize and much more. The book also explores the moral choices confronting those around Trump—how they justified working for a man they considered unfit for office, and where they drew their lines.

The Divider epub is based on unprecedented access to key players, from President Trump himself to cabinet officers, military generals, close advisers, Trump family members, congressional leaders, foreign officials, and others, some of whom have never told their story until now.

The book is mostly structured chronologically, with the first part starting with Trump’s first day in the White House. The authors cover Trump’s first impressions, his interactions with the media, tweets, his cabinet selection, speaking at a NATO summit, and early conflicts between Trump’s staff. Part 2 focuses on Trump’s conflicts; with media members, politicians, military members, foreign governments, and some of his staff that didn’t follow orders.

There is also a chapter that describes Trump’s complicated relationship with Putin. Part 3 covers a few different topics, with chapters targeting Trump’s relationships with Stephen Miller, Michael Cohen, North Korea, Robert Mueller, John Bolton, China, and Ukraine. There is also a chapter dealing with Trump’s impeachment. Part 4 starts with Trump’s acquittal, and then continues with Trump’s interactions with Barr and the Justice Department, VP Pence, and Alex Azar, and Jared Kushner, as well as many details about the pandemic and the administration’s response. Part 5 is mostly focused on the aftermath of the 2020 election.

Details of The Divider Peter Baker PDF Book

Book Name:The Divider: Trump in the White House, 2017-2021
Author:Peter Baker and Susan Glasser
Pages:752 Pages
Release Date:September 20, 2022

About the Author

PETER BAKER is the chief White House correspondent for The New York Times, a political analyst for MSNBC, and the author of Days of Fire and The Breach. SUSAN GLASSER is a staff writer for The New Yorker and author of its weekly “Letter from Trump’s Washington,” as well as a CNN global affairs analyst. 

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