The Crown of Gilded Bones by Jennifer L. Armentrout PDF Book

Welcome to our review of “The Crown of Gilded Bones,” the third book in the “Blood and Ash” series by Jennifer L. Armentrout. We shall discuss the novel’s plot, characters, writing style, and all-around appeal in this article. We’ll also offer our assessment of the value of this book in terms of both time and money. So, if you enjoy reading fantasy novels, keep reading!

Book TitleThe Crown of Gilded Bones: Blood and Ash, Book 3
AuthorsJennifer L. Armentrout
GenreVampire Romances
Size1 MB

The Crown of Gilded Bones PDF Summary

“The Crown of Gilded Bones” is the second book in the Poppy series. Poppy is a young queen who has learned that she is actually the Maiden, a powerful person tasked with defending her country from evil. Casteel, Poppy’s husband, is the prince of Atlantia, a competing nation that has recently allied with Poppy’s people. To defend their people and their love, Poppy and Casteel must together navigate the perilous waters of politics and conflict.

As Poppy and Casteel deal with several difficulties and dangers, the book is jam-packed with action, suspense, and romance. In addition to emotional problems as Poppy and Casteel come to terms with their past and their future, there are conflicts with monstrous creatures, political intrigue from both inside and outside the kingdom, and confrontations with horrific creatures.


Jennifer L. Armentrout’s “The Crown of Gilded Bones” features a large and varied cast of characters. The major characters of the book are Poppy and Casteel, and their love story forms its core. Poppy is a bold, independent heroine who won’t hesitate to speak her thoughts or defend her ideals. Casteel is a multifaceted and intriguing character who harbors a strong love for Poppy despite his terrible history.

The plot is made richer by the development of the supporting characters. There are Poppy’s friends and allies who offer humor relief and emotional support, including Kieran and Hawke. There are also adversaries who are actually dreadful and make for interesting opponents, such as the Queen of Solis and the Ascended.

Writing Style

Jennifer L. Armentrout writes in an immersive, captivating manner. She has a gift for developing detailed descriptions of the setting and the people who inhabit it, allowing readers to completely lose themselves in the narrative. She has a talent for creating smart and snappy dialogue, as well as sensual and touching romantic situations.

A great addition to the “Blood and Ash” series, “The Crown of Gilded Bones” has a broad appeal. The fantasy book is gripping and exciting, with an intriguing plot, well-rounded characters, and superb writing. Fans of the series won’t be dissatisfied, and new readers will fall in love with the narrative right away.


For those who enjoy fantasy literature, “The Crown of Gilded Bones” by Jennifer L. Armentrout is a must-read. It’s a captivating and delightful book thanks to its interesting plot, well-rounded characters, and superb writing. We think it is well worth your time and money to read this book, and we highly suggest it.

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