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The Cost of Control

The Cost of Control by Sharon Hodde Miller PDF Summary

We all wish we had more control. When our relationships are strained, when our bodies refuse to cooperate, when the future is uncertain, control promises security and peace. If only I were in charge, we dream. And this illusion seems more attainable than ever. Technology, science, medicine, and the internet all promise us ever-increasing mastery over our world.

The problem is, that control is a “devil’s deal.” The more we seek it, the more it betrays us. In place of predictability, it gives us anxiety. In place of certainty, it creates more complexity. And in place of unity, it divides. It’s not just that we cannot control things; it’s that we break them, even more, when we try.

Thankfully the answer to our craving is not simply to “let go and let God.” When our kids aren’t listening, when our loved ones are self-destructing, or when our health is declining, we don’t have to scramble after control, nor do we have to throw up our hands. Instead, God has given us a better tool.

In this culturally insightful and eye-opening book, Sharon Hodde Miller helps us discover the real power God has given us in Christ, to exercise influence over ourselves and our lives.

Details of The Cost of Control PDF Book

Book Name:The Cost of Control: Why We Crave It, the Anxiety It Gives Us, and the Real Power God Promises
Author:Sharon Hodde Miller
Genre:Medical General Psychology
Pages:208 Pages
Publisher: Baker Books
Release Date:August 16, 2022

About the Author

Sharon Hodde Miller, PhD, is a teaching pastor at Bright City Church in Durham, North Carolina, which she co-founded with her husband, Ike. The author of Free of Me and Nice, Miller has blogged at for over ten years, has been a regular contributor to Propel, Her. hermeneutics, and She Reads Truth and has written for RelevantChristianity Today, (in)courage, and many other publications and blogs.

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