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Download The Color of Lightning PDF by Paulette Jiles for free. The Color of Lightning: A Novel (PS) is an excellent, deeply researched novel about the Indian Wars that took place in North Texas in the early 1870s.

Description of The Color of Lightning by Paulette Giles PDF

The Color of Lightning: A Novel (PS) is about a group of former slaves trying to make a living for themselves on the harsh Southern prairies, with hostile Indians, drought, and few resources to contend with. It’s a story. Paulette Giles is the author of this book. This is a really well-written novel based on real people and events in North Texas and Oklahoma from the 1860s to his ’70s. The Color of Lightning is set in the High Plains desert and Texas Hill Country just after and after the end of the Civil War. Southerners were emerging from the chaos of Reconstruction, and reunited families were looking for a place to start over. The book follows the journeys and hardships of two families: religious radical Moses Johnson and his family, and his slave Brett Johnson. Like other novels set in northwest Texas, Paulette’s Giles is based on characters from real people who braved the hardships of the Wild West during and after the Civil War. The main characters are Britt Johnson and his family, who travel as freed slaves from Kentucky to northwest Texas.

The Color of Lightning by Paulette Giles

This is a story of unfathomable survival and loss beyond poverty, violence, death, capture by savage Indians, repatriation, and re-acculturation. Readers will be interested in characters such as Samuel Hammond, a Quaker minister sent to oversee the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and Elizabeth Fitzgerald, a white woman rescued after years of capture and slavery by the Kiowa Comanches. However, their story remains unresolved. Despite this open-ended ending, the novel is well worth reading as a reminder of the grit, heroism, and relationships between Western pioneers and their first compatriots, the Native Americans.

Details of “The Color of Lightning” by Paulette Giles PDF

  • Name: Color of Lightning: Novel (PS)
  • Author: Paulette Giles
  • ISBN: 0061690457
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Crime, Suspense, Thrill
  • Format: PDF/ePub
  • Size: 1MB
  • Number of pages: 382
  • Price: Free

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