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Download Tending Roses PDF by Lisa Wingate for free. Tending Roses (Tending Roses Series, Book 1) is a heartwarming and heartbreaking book about family, love, marriage, parents/grandparents, and faith.

Explanation of “Tending Roses” by Lisa Wingate PDF

Tending Roses (Tending Roses Series, Book 1) is a wonderful story about family and forgiveness. Lisa Wingate is the author of this book. This is a fun book for those who enjoy modern Christian novels with less romance and good family values. This is a lovely story with beautiful prose. This book is about a young woman with a young child and a busy husband who transitions from life in a big city to a simple life and learns to love her life as it becomes more manageable. The situation is depicted. But most of all, she gets the chance to show her grandmother, her most touching woman, how much she loves her, sometimes with her frown, and sometimes with her smile. I learned many lessons from my grandmother.

“Tending Roses” by Lisa Wingate

She takes advantage of opportunities not available to many to renew and improve family relationships, find peace of mind and appreciate the life she has been given. She did this many times with the help of the wildflower booklet left in her strategic plan. To help instill her life lessons at the right time. The book “Tending Roses” by Lisa Wingate. In short, this is a fascinating story about an estranged family and how they are reunited.

Details of “Tending Roses” by Lisa Wingate PDF

  • Name: Tending Roses (Tending Roses Series, Book 1)
  • Author: Lisa Wingate
  • ISBN: 0451203070
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Love, Drama, Suspense, Thrill
  • Format: PDF/ePub
  • Size: 1MB
  • Number of pages: 274
  • Price: Free

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