Shameless Puckboy by Eden Finley PDF Book

Eden Finley’s enthralling hockey romance book Shameless Puckboy is available now. The story of an arrogant hockey player and a spunky barmaid who fall in love over all obstacles is told in the novel. With good reason, the novel has grown immensely popular in the romance category. We’ll delve more into Shameless Puckboy’s appeal to followers of hockey romance in this post.

Book TitleShameless Puckboy (Puckboys Book 3)
AuthorsEden Finley
GenreSports Fiction
Size1 MB

Shameless Puckboy by Eden Finley PDF Summary

The narrative of Miller, a hockey player with a poor reputation, and Landon, a barman who isn’t afraid to express her opinions, is told in Shameless Puckboy. When Miller is hurt while playing a game and takes safety at Landon’s tavern, their paths are meant to meet. Despite their initial hostility, the two quickly become good friends before developing a romance. The hot romance and the hardships and tensions that the characters experience both on and off the ice are expertly balanced throughout the book. The book’s plot moves along at a good clip and keeps the reader interested.


The characters are one of Shameless Puckboy’s most notable aspects since they are well-rounded. Both Miller and Landon are multifaceted individuals with distinctive personalities who work well together. Landon’s combative demeanour is a coping technique for the challenges she has had in her life, much as Miller’s arrogant demeanour is a cover for the insecurities he feels about her hockey career. Finley does a fantastic job of illustrating how both characters change and evolve as they deal with their relationship and their individual problems.

The relationship between Miller and Landon is passionate and sensual. Finley does a fantastic job of creating conflict between the two characters and enticing the reader to support their union. The two have an evident chemistry, and the romantic sequences are delicately written without being overt. One of Shameless Puckboy’s best features is its romance, which is sure to make readers swoon.


For those who enjoy hockey romance, Shameless Puckboy is a must-read. The book stands out in the category thanks to its intricate plot, nuanced characters, and hot romance. Shameless Puckboy is the book for you if you’re seeking for something to make you smile, cry, and swoon. We strongly advise including it on your reading list.

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