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Righteous Prey PDF by John Sandford: Hello, companions. In this post, we will provide the Murder Thriller, Righteous Prey PDF by John Sandford. So you can get it in the English language. G.P. Putnam’s Sons published this book. Stay tuned to this post, and let’s enjoy the Righteous Prey (A Prey Novel)Book PDF.

Righteous Prey pdf

Righteous Prey by John Sandford PDF Book Summary

So begins a press release from a mysterious group known only as “The Five,” shortly after a vicious predator is murdered in San Francisco. The Five is made up of vigilante killers who are very bored…and very rich.

They target the worst of society—rapists, murderers, and thieves—and then use their unlimited resources to offset the damage done by those who they’ve killed, donating untraceable Bitcoin to charities and victims via the dark net. The Five soon become popular figures in the media …though their motives may not be entirely pure.

After The Five strike again in the Twin Cities, Virgil Flowers and Lucas Davenport are sent in to investigate. And they soon have their hands full–the killings are smart and carefully choreographed, and with no apparent direct connection to the victims, the killers are virtually untraceable. But if anyone can destroy this group, it will be the dynamic team of Davenport and Flowers.

The Righteous Prey PDF book’s strength rests on the rapport between Davenport and Flowers: their pithy dialogue is spiced with the kind of humor that enduring friendships engender. Sandford fans will hope they have a long run as a team. Sandford’s characters seem to have limitless unexplored nooks and crannies in their personalities. A solid entry from a writer who consistently gives his readers just what they want.

Details of Righteous Prey PDF Book

Book Name:Righteous Prey (A Prey Novel)
Author:John Sandford
Pages:416 Pages
Publisher:G.P. Putnam’s Sons
Release Date:October 4, 2022

About the Author

John Sandford is the pseudonym for the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist John Camp. He is the author of thirty-one Prey novels, four Kidd novels, twelve Virgil Flowers novels, three YA novels coauthored with his wife, Michele Cook, and three other books.

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