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Prisoners of the Castle pdf

Prisoners of the Castle by Ben Macintyre Book Summary

The definitive and surprisingly true story of one of history’s most notorious prisons—and the remarkable cast of POWs who tried relentlessly to escape their captors, from the New York Times bestselling author of The Spy and the Traitor

In this gripping narrative, Ben Macintyre tackles one of the most famous prison stories in history and makes it utterly his own. During World War II, the German army used the towering Colditz Castle to hold the most defiant Allied prisoners. For four years, these prisoners of the castle tested its walls and guards with ingenious escape attempts that would become legends.

But as Macintyre shows, the story of Colditz was about much more than escape. Its population represented a society in miniature, full of heroes and traitors, class conflicts and secret alliances, and the full range of human joy and despair. In Macintyre’s telling, Colditz’s most famous names—like the indomitable Pat Reid—share glory with lesser known but equally remarkable characters like Indian doctor Birendranath Mazumdar whose ill-treatment, hunger strike, and eventual escape read like fiction; Florimond Duke, America’s oldest paratrooper, and most minor successful secret agent; and Christopher Clayton Hutton, the brilliant inventor employed by British intelligence to manufacturing covert escape aids for POWs.

Prisoners of the Castle PDF traces the war’s arc from Colditz’s stone walls, where the stakes rose as Hitler’s war machine faltered, and the men feared that liberation would not come soon enough to spare them a grisly fate at the hands of the Nazis. Macintyre has breathed new life into one of the greatest war stories ever, bringing together the wartime intrigue of his acclaimed Operation Mincemeat and keen psychological portraits of his bestselling true-life spy stories.

Details of Prisoners of the Castle PDF Book

Book Name:Prisoners of the Castle: An Epic Story of Survival and Escape from Colditz, the Nazis’ Fortress Prison
Author:Ben Macintyre
Pages:320 Pages
Release Date:September 13, 2022

About the Author

Ben Macintyre is a writer-at-large for The Times (U.K.) and the bestselling author of Agent Sonya, The Spy, and the Traitor, A Spy Among Friends, Double Cross, Operation Mincemeat, Agent Zigzag, and Rogue Heroes, among other books. 

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