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Platonic by Marisa G. Franco Book Summary

How do we build and maintain friendships during distraction, exhaustion, and confusion, particularly in a culture that frequently values romantic love over all other types of relationships? The notion that “friendships emerge organically” is debunked in Platonic by Dr. Marisa G. Franco. He also explains why your friends aren’t replying to your texts (it’s not because they hate you!). Making friends also involves effort, just like building any connection. To develop and maintain friendships, Dr. Franco argues that you must be aware of your attachment style—secure, anxious, or avoidant—as it holds the key to understanding what is succeeding (and what is failing) in your relationships.

At any age, it’s possible to make new friends and strengthen existing ones; it’s crucial. The good news is that you can use attachment theory’s insights and the most recent friendship research to improve the quantity and quality of your connections. With the help of Platonic, we may create meaningful relationships with other people and, in the process, develop into our happiest, most content selves.

As a culture,, we have long been obsessed with romantic love and parent/child love, yet our friendships will most determine our health and happiness. Reading Platonic will not only inspire a shift in your priorities but will guide you through creating the community you crave. Filled with studies, interviews, and real-life stories, Marisa Franco leads us back to what matters most: love in all its forms. If you want to feel genuinely connected, read this book.

Platonic is an intensive exploration of the healing nature and safe-haven to be found in friendships. It’s a gentle yet affirming call-in for us to investigate how we’ve regarded the platonic relationships in our life and opportunities for deep fulfillment that we may be missing out on.

Details of Platonic PDF Book

Book Name:Platonic: How the Science of Attachment Can Help You Make–and Keep–Friends 
Author:Marisa G. Franco
Genre:Behavioral Sciences
Pages:336 Pages
Publisher:G.P. Putnam’s Sons
Release Date:September 6, 2022

About the Author

Dr. Marisa G. Franco holds a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Maryland and currently works as a professor there. She writes for Psychology Today and she has been a featured psychologist in The New York Times, NPR, and Good Morning America

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