Ocean City’s Female Entrepreneurs Revolutionize Local Scene

Ocean City’s Female Entrepreneurs Revolutionize Local Scene

In the charming barrier-island fishing village turned resort of Ocean City, a remarkable transformation is taking place.

A group of dynamic female entrepreneurs are reshaping the town’s cultural and economic landscape, bringing their unique visions and talents to the forefront.

From the Buzzed Word Bookstore and Wine Bar to Casita Linda, a Mexican café and bakery, these women are revolutionizing the local scene.

This article delves into their inspiring stories, challenges, and aspirations, showcasing their determination, creativity, and commitment to their craft.

Key Takeaways

  • Mickie Meinhardt opened the Buzzed Word, Ocean City’s only bookstore and wine bar, which supports writers of color and the local LGBTQ community.
  • Ocean City has a thriving community of young, creative, and mutually supportive female entrepreneurs, such as Linda Barragán, Haley Norris, and the owner of Inner Bloom.
  • Ocean City’s attractions and tourism, including its boardwalk, waves, and nostalgic architecture, attract around 3 million tourists annually.
  • Local businesses in Ocean City prioritize collaboration over competition and contribute to the growth and development of the town.

The Buzzed Word: Ocean City’s Bookstore and Wine Bar

The Buzzed Word is Ocean City’s only bookstore and wine bar, offering a curated selection of books by writers of color and a variety of natural wines. This unique establishment prides itself on its commitment to diversity and inclusion, showcasing the works of underrepresented voices in the literary world.

The majority of books stocked at the Buzzed Word are by writers of color, including works in translation, providing a platform for these voices to be heard and celebrated. Additionally, the Buzzed Word supports the local LGBTQ community, organizing the city’s first Pride event.

With its combination of books and wine, this establishment offers a perfect pairing for book lovers and wine enthusiasts alike. Visitors can indulge in a glass of natural wine while perusing the diverse literary offerings, creating a truly immersive and enriching experience.

A Legacy of Female Entrepreneurs in Ocean City

Female entrepreneurs have long played a significant role in shaping the vibrant business landscape of Ocean City. The legacy of female entrepreneurship in this coastal town dates back to the late 19th century and continues to thrive today. These women have made historical significance in the business world through their innovation, determination, and resilience.

To paint a picture of this legacy, consider the following examples:

  1. Linda Barragán, the 29-year-old proprietor of Casita Linda, a Mexican café and bakery, showcases her mother’s homemade recipes, bringing a taste of tradition to the community.
  2. Mickie Meinhardt, a 31-year-old writer, left her bustling literary life in Brooklyn to open the Buzzed Word Bookstore and Wine Bar, providing a unique space that supports local LGBTQ community and promotes diverse literature.
  3. Haley Norris, the owner of Palm Picnics, sets up picturesque picnic spreads, adding a touch of elegance to outdoor dining experiences.

These women, among many others, contribute to the local economy and culture, leaving a lasting legacy of female entrepreneurship in Ocean City.

Mickie Meinhardt: The Writer-Turned-Bookstore Owner

Mickie Meinhardt’s transition from writer to bookstore owner in Ocean City marks a significant shift in her professional trajectory.

After leaving her busy literary life in Brooklyn, Meinhardt opened the Buzzed Word, Ocean City’s only bookstore and wine bar.

This unique establishment stocks a wide range of books, with a special focus on works by writers of color, including translations.

The Buzzed Word has had a notable impact on the local literary scene, providing a platform for underrepresented voices and promoting diversity in literature.

Meinhardt’s challenges and successes as a bookstore owner have not gone unnoticed. Her shop supports the local LGBTQ community and organized Ocean City’s first Pride event.

Located on the edge of the North Ocean City neighborhood, the Buzzed Word has become a vibrant hub for book lovers and wine enthusiasts alike.

Linda Barragán: Creating Mexican Delights at Casita Linda

Linda Barragán, a 29-year-old entrepreneur, brings the flavors of Mexico to Ocean City with her delightful establishment, Casita Linda. Known for its authentic Mexican cuisine, Casita Linda offers a culinary journey that transports diners to the vibrant streets of Mexico. Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect at Casita Linda:

  • Traditional Mexican Delights:
  • Start your meal with appetizers like crispy taquitos or tangy ceviche.
  • Indulge in classic Mexican entrees like enchiladas, tacos, and tamales, each bursting with rich flavors and spices.
  • Savor the mouthwatering taste of freshly made guacamole and salsa, prepared daily using the finest ingredients.
  • Artisanal Bakery:
  • Treat yourself to freshly baked Mexican pastries, including fluffy conchas and sweet churros, perfect with a cup of rich Mexican hot chocolate.
  • Sample a variety of homemade bread, from traditional bolillo rolls to soft and buttery pan dulce.
  • Cultural Experience:
  • Immerse yourself in the vibrant ambiance of Casita Linda, adorned with colorful Mexican decor and lively music.
  • Explore the diverse menu that celebrates the diverse culinary traditions of Mexico, from the street food of Mexico City to the coastal flavors of Baja California.

Linda Barragán’s culinary journey at Casita Linda is a testament to her passion for sharing the authentic flavors of Mexico with the community of Ocean City.

Haley Norris: Setting up Picture-Perfect Picnics With Palm Picnics

Continuing the exploration of Ocean City’s female entrepreneurs, another standout business owner is Haley Norris, who has made a name for herself with Palm Picnics, a company that specializes in setting up picturesque picnic spreads. Norris has a keen eye for detail and creates Instagram-worthy experiences for her customers. She carefully curates each picnic, selecting the finest artisanal products from local vendors to ensure a unique and unforgettable experience.

Palm Picnics supports local artisans by featuring their handmade products in their picnic spreads. From beautifully crafted charcuterie boards to hand-poured candles, every element of the picnic is thoughtfully chosen to enhance the ambiance and create a truly memorable event. Norris’s dedication to supporting local businesses not only contributes to the growth of the community but also allows customers to discover and appreciate the talent and craftsmanship of Ocean City’s artisans.

With Palm Picnics, Haley Norris has redefined the concept of outdoor dining, transforming it into a luxurious and enchanting experience.

Inner Bloom: Adding Beauty to Ocean City With Floral Arrangements

Another notable business contributing to the beauty of Ocean City is Inner Bloom, a company that specializes in creating stunning floral arrangements. With a passion for flowers and an eye for design, Inner Bloom brings a touch of elegance and natural beauty to weddings and events in the area.

Their floral arrangements are meticulously crafted, combining different colors, textures, and scents to create exquisite displays that captivate the senses. Whether it’s a romantic bouquet of roses for a bride or a vibrant centerpiece for a reception, Inner Bloom’s creations are sure to leave a lasting impression.

In addition to their event services, Inner Bloom also offers floral workshops for DIY enthusiasts, providing them with the tools and knowledge to create their own beautiful arrangements.

With Inner Bloom, Ocean City is truly blossoming into a haven of floral beauty.

Ocean City’s Charm and Tourist Attractions

Ocean City’s charm and tourist attractions draw millions of visitors each year, captivated by its nostalgic architecture, scenic boardwalk, and delectable culinary experiences. The iconic boardwalk stretches for three miles along the beach, offering a quintessential beach experience with its lively atmosphere, amusement rides, and arcade games. Visitors can indulge in delicious treats like taffy, funnel cakes, and ice cream while strolling along the boardwalk. Additionally, Ocean City is not only known for its beach and boardwalk but also for its proximity to Assateague Island, a natural paradise just a short drive away. This national park is famous for its wild horses, pristine beaches, and diverse wildlife, making it a perfect excursion for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. Ocean City truly offers a blend of nostalgic charm and natural beauty, ensuring a memorable experience for every visitor.

Ocean City’s Iconic Boardwalk and Beach ExperienceAssateague Island: A Natural Paradise near Ocean CityDelectable Culinary Experiences
– Scenic three-mile boardwalk– Pristine beaches and wild horses– Taffy, funnel cakes, and ice cream
– Lively atmosphere with amusement rides– Diverse wildlife and nature trails– Fresh seafood and crab cakes
– Arcade games and souvenir shops– Perfect for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts– Tapas, Mexican cuisine, and more
– Beautiful views of the ocean– Short drive from Ocean City’s main hub– Natural wines and local delicacies
– Sunrise and sunset walks along the beach– Ideal for camping, picnicking, and birdwatching– Culinary experiences for all tastes

Local Camaraderie and Support Among Female-Owned Businesses

The sense of local camaraderie and support among female-owned businesses in Ocean City is evident in their collaborative approach and dedication to fostering a mutually supportive environment. Building connections and empowering women are at the heart of their endeavors. Here are three ways in which this camaraderie and support are manifested:

  • Regular networking events: Female entrepreneurs in Ocean City actively organize networking events to connect with and learn from each other. These events provide a platform for sharing experiences, exchanging ideas, and forming valuable partnerships.
  • Mentorship programs: Recognizing the importance of mentoring, female business owners in Ocean City actively engage in mentorship programs. Seasoned entrepreneurs offer guidance and support to emerging ones, helping them navigate the challenges of running a business.
  • Joint marketing initiatives: Collaborative marketing efforts are a common sight among female-owned businesses in Ocean City. They join forces to promote each other’s products and services, leveraging their collective reach and resources.

Through these initiatives, female entrepreneurs in Ocean City are not only building thriving businesses but also creating a community that uplifts and supports one another.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Did Mickie Meinhardt’s Experience as a Writer in Brooklyn Influence Her Decision to Open a Bookstore in Ocean City?

Mickie Meinhardt’s decision to open a bookstore in Ocean City was influenced by her experience as a writer in Brooklyn. As a 31-year-old writer, Meinhardt left her busy literary life in Brooklyn to pursue her dream of creating a unique space where literature and wine could coexist.

Inspired by the diverse literary scene in Brooklyn, Meinhardt aimed to bring a similar sense of inclusivity and representation to Ocean City. Her bookstore journey reflects the impact of Ocean City’s female entrepreneurs who are revolutionizing the local scene with their creative and mutually supportive businesses.

What Types of Books Can Be Found at the Buzzed Word, and What Is the Significance of Stocking Works by Writers of Color and Works in Translation?

At the Buzzed Word, a bookstore and wine bar in Ocean City, you can find a diverse selection of books by writers of color, including works in translation. Stocking these books is significant as it promotes diversity in literature and provides a platform for underrepresented voices.

How Did the Buzzed Word Support the Local LGBTQ Community, and What Was the Outcome of Organizing the City’s First Pride Event?

The Buzzed Word, Ocean City’s only bookstore and wine bar, actively supports the local LGBTQ community. They organized the city’s first Pride event, which had a significant impact on the community.

The event brought together individuals from diverse backgrounds, fostering a sense of inclusivity and celebration. By creating a safe and welcoming space, the Buzzed Word demonstrated their commitment to supporting and uplifting marginalized communities.

The outcome of the Pride event was a strengthened sense of community and increased visibility for LGBTQ individuals in Ocean City.

Can You Provide More Information About the North Ocean City Neighborhood Where the Buzzed Word Is Located?

The North Ocean City neighborhood, where the Buzzed Word is located, is a vibrant and evolving area that is part of Ocean City’s local scene revolution.

Situated on the edge of the neighborhood, the Buzzed Word has become a hub for literary and cultural enthusiasts.

The neighborhood itself offers a mix of residential and commercial spaces, attracting a diverse community.

With the presence of innovative businesses like the Buzzed Word, the North Ocean City neighborhood is experiencing a revitalization that is contributing to the overall growth and development of Ocean City.

How Has the Tradition of Women Playing a Role in Building Ocean City Evolved Over Time, and What Is the Significance of the Current Community of Female Entrepreneurs in the City?

The tradition of women playing a role in building Ocean City has evolved over time, with an increasing number of female entrepreneurs making significant contributions to the local economy. These women have brought new ideas, creativity, and innovation to the city, revitalizing various industries and sectors.

Their impact on the local economy cannot be overstated, as they have created jobs, attracted tourists, and fostered a supportive business community. The current community of female entrepreneurs in Ocean City is a testament to the evolution of female entrepreneurship and its significance in driving economic growth and development.


In conclusion, Ocean City’s female entrepreneurs have brought about a transformation in the local scene, infusing the town with innovation, creativity, and a sense of community.

From the Buzzed Word Bookstore and Wine Bar to Casita Linda and Palm Picnics, these dynamic women have reshaped the cultural and economic landscape of Ocean City.

Through their determination and commitment to their craft, they have not only enriched the local economy but also enhanced the culinary experiences, cultural offerings, and overall vibrancy of the town.

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