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Nora Goes Off Script pdf

Nora Goes Off Script by Annabel Monaghan PDF Book Summary

Nora Hamilton—a scriptwriter for a romance channel—has the formula for true love down pat. Sadly, when her husband decides that marriage and two kids just isn’t for him, Nora is faced with a rewrite she didn’t see coming. But lemons and lemonade: the screenplay that Nora writes about her divorce follows no formula, and it grabs the attention of Hollywood.

And, when a film crew arrives at her home, it brings a hot movie star who may play a leading role in Nora’s second act. This is a rom-com for grownups: no single career women or small-town bake shop owners, but a suburban working mom and her two kids, all three of them apprehensive about risking their hearts again. And it follows a formula for romance that is so funny, clever, and tender-hearted, readers will happily binge-read to the end credits. 

A few years ago when Justin Timberlake was filming in our town a friend said:: “Imagine if we bumped into him in town.” And then continued: “Imagine if he fell for one of us or just an everyday mom doing everyday things.” We laughed about how crazy that would be.

Annabel Monaghan’s first foray into adult fiction, Nora Goes Off Script, brings a spectacular version of this daydream to life. Nora is a 39-year-old single mom trying to figure out how to keep her home and family afloat after her husband leaves. She writes for the Romance Channel and admittedly has the formula down pat. She gets the joke: “My superpower is methodically placing a man and woman in the same shiny town, populated by unusually happy people with maddeningly small problems. They bristle at first and then fall in love.

But when she writes a script based on her failed marriage, Hollywood’s ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ is cast as her husband and filming take place at her 100-year-old home, the ordinary meets the extraordinary as an unexpected and multi-layered love story unfurls.

Simply put, Nora is delightful – the character and the book. She’s thoughtful and kind, funny and fun. She is keenly observant, cares deeply about the people around her, and appreciates the natural beauty of her home and hometown– from the sun that rises “differently every day” to Mr. Mapleton who owns the local hardware store. She has all the qualities you’d hope for in a good friend. And as you would wish for a good friend, you want the best for her, you want to know she will be ok and whatever happens, you won’t want to leave her at the end.

The Nora Goes Off Script PDF book is not unlike one of those Russian stacking dolls – stories within stories, a play within a screenplay, a real romance wrapped up in a fictionalized version of a loveless marriage. Monaghan’s superpower as a writer, in addition to her facility with language, dialogue, and descriptive phrases is her ability to thread the big things – all of life’s joy, wonder, and inevitable losses – through the tapestry of everyday life. Sure, Hollywood’s leading man may be camped out in her backyard as a whirlwind romance plays out on the front porch, but still, Nora has chickens to roast, bills to pay, and kids that need to be placed – at the same time.

Details of Nora Goes Off Script PDF Book

Book Name:Nora Goes Off Script
Author:Annabel Monaghan
Pages:272 Pages
Publisher:G.P. Putnam’s Sons
Release Date:June 7, 2022

About the Author

Annabel Monaghan is the author of two Young Adult novels and Does This Volvo Make My Butt Look Big?, a selection of laugh-out-loud columns that appeared in the Huffington PostThe Week, and The Rye RecordNora Goes Off Script is her adult debut novel. She lives in Rye, New York, with her family.

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