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Emma and James are two characters in the novel “Knot Quite Ready” who come from quite different backgrounds. James is a prosperous businessman who appears to have it all, while Emma is a small-town girl who is driven to succeed in the big city. They are drawn to one another when they randomly cross paths, but their disparate upbringings and individual challenges pose a threat to their relationship.

Book TitleKnot Quite Ready (Cabria Fall Shifters Book 1)
Author(s)Ruby Smoke
GenreParanormal & Urban Fantasy
Size1 MB

Knot Quite Ready by Ruby Smoke PDF Summary

The way Ruby Smoke writes about her characters is one of the aspects of this novel that we adore. James and Emma both have genuine weaknesses and virtues and are fascinating, well-developed characters. We had a strong want to support them throughout the entire book because of their obvious chemistry.

Another asset of “Knot Quite Ready” is the way it approaches significant subjects like love, family, and personal development. These topics are expertly woven throughout the narrative by Ruby Smoke, making for an engaging and emotional read.

Writing Style

Another remarkable aspect of “Knot Quite Ready” is the writing. The reader is drawn into the novel and fully immersed in the experiences of the characters because of Ruby Smoke’s elegant and captivating style. Readers will find it simple to picture the plot as it unfolds because of the author’s detailed and evocative descriptions of the locations and incidents in the book.

Overall, “Knot Quite Ready” is a book we heartily suggest to everyone looking for a well-written and interesting read. It stands out in the field of romance literature thanks to its strong characters, insightful themes, and exquisite writing.


In conclusion, “Knot Quite Ready” is a sweet romantic book that covers significant subjects and has likable, nuanced characters. Anyone looking for a gripping and emotional book should read it because of its wonderful writing and intriguing content.

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