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Download the Humans PDF e-book by Tom Phillips for free. “Humans: A Brief History of How We F*cked It All Up” succeeds in making the tragic history of mankind entertaining.

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Humans: A Brief History of How We F*cked It All Up combines humor, sarcasm, and academic elements. Tom Phillips is the author of this book. As the name suggests, this book is a concise, readable and thought-provoking account of how thousands of years of human trial and error, and mostly mistakes, have led us to the planet-threatening conditions we have today. It’s a record. Using skill and humor, author Tom Phillips packs history and contemporary facts into this book that is sure to leave readers nodding in laughter and agreement with entertaining anecdotes and compelling observations about the human condition. . After all, the book is roughly just over 250 pages long, and he begins 3.2 million years before his Australopithecus, when his Afarensis distant ancestor, Lucy, fell from a tree and died. , virtually dissecting the entire history of mankind. .

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From there it was all downhill. He shows that many years of best efforts to improve human life, such as growing food crops and domesticating animals, often backfired, sometimes with spectacular results. Their grand plans can have unintended consequences, not to mention Murphy’s Law. People of certain political leanings probably won’t treat this book with bargepoles, but those of the opposite leanings will probably accept it as a summary of what they’ve been saying for years. Sho. If you hold the latter opinion, you’ll enjoy Humans: A Brief History of How We F*cked It All Up.

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  • Name: Humans: A Brief History of How We Messed It All Up
  • Author: Tom Phillips
  • ISBN: 1335936637
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Historical Humor, History and Philosophy of Science, Historical Studies
  • Format: PDF/ePub
  • Size: 11MB
  • Pages: 320
  • Price: Free

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