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How to Grow Your Small Business pdf

How to Grow Your Small Business by Donald Miller PDF Book Summary

In How to Grow Your Small Business, Miller gives entrepreneurs a 6-step plan to grow their businesses so they produce dependable, predictable results. When you implement the 6 steps in How to Grow Your Small Business, you can stop drowning in the details and spend more time doing the things you truly love- in your business and your life.

For so many entrepreneurs, running a small business ended up looking different than they imagined. They’re stressed, discouraged, and not confident in their plan for growth. They’re stuck in the day-to-day of their businesses and too busy to actually enjoy the fruits of their labor. And the truth is, if your business isn’t growing, you’ll never get to experience the life you hoped for when you became a business owner.

How to Grow Your Small Business will give you a proven 6-step plan for growth so you can stop drowning in the details and spend more time doing the things you truly love- in your business and in your life. When you know the 6 key steps of building a business, you can finally…

  • Build a profitable business 
  • Hand off the day-to-day operations so you can get back to entrepreneurs
  • Live life on your terms with more freedom and flexibility 

 Using the exact steps you’ll learn in this book, Miller grew his small business from four employees working out of a basement to a 15 million dollar operation, increasing revenue sixfold in just six years. This book will give you proven frameworks you can use to optimize the six key areas of your business:

  1. LEADERSHIP: Cast a vision for your company that includes three economic priorities and makes sure every role in the company supports those priorities.
  2. MARKETING: Clarify your marketing message and invite customers into a story in which their problems are solved by purchasing your products.
  3. SALES: Install a sales framework that makes your customers the hero and use it to have sales conversations that close more sales and drive revenue.
  4. PRODUCTS: Optimize your product offering and focus on products that are in demand and profitable.
  5. OVERHEAD AND OPERATIONS: Keep your overhead lean by running a management and productivity playbook that aligns your entire team. Make sure every team member has clear objectives and is coached and encouraged.
  6. CASH FLOW: Use 5 checking accounts to manage the money that came in and protected cash flow above everything else.

 Once you implement these frameworks, your business will produce dependable, predictable results which mean peace of mind for you and growth for your business. If you’re ready to experience freedom, flexibility, and growth for your business, How to Grow Your Small Business is the book you’ve been waiting for.

Details of How to Grow Your Small Business PDF Book

Book Name:How to Grow Your Small Business: A 6-Step Plan to Help Your Business Take Off
Author:Donald Miller 
Pages:224 Pages
Publisher:HarperCollins Leadership
Release Date:March 14, 2023

About the Author

Donald Miller is the CEO of Business Made Simple, an online platform that teaches business professionals everything they need to know to grow a business and enhance their personal value on the open market. He is the host of the Business Made Simple podcast and is the author of several books, including the bestseller Building a StoryBrand.

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