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From Lukov with Love PDF

From Lukov with Love by Mariana Zapata PDF Summary

Have you ever liked to loathe a boy or a man? Were you constantly arguing and putting each other down at every opportunity? Well, this is how Jasmine and Ivan Lukov are friends. For seventeen years, we have competed with one another on skates. Everyone is aware that their relationship has a negative past. Jasmine and Ivan are not at all comparable to Jasmine and Ivan’s sister in terms of friendship. Without a question, their conflict both on and off the rink keeps things interesting.

One day after practice, Jasmine was shocked to see Ivan and his coach waiting for her. Jasmine was brought into the GM’s office and questioned what she had done incorrectly. She could not have predicted it, but it was also an opportunity of a lifetime for her and might mean the difference between gold and silver. Everyone’s favorite ice skater is Ivan Lukov.

Every skating partner he has ever had has a gold medal. In addition to the fact that he has more medals than he can possibly use, his ice rink is named in his honor. Being his partner must be wonderful, right? It’s critical to keep in mind that they are rivals and cannot possibly coexist in the same space without offending one another. When one of them tells the other to break a leg, he means it literally and physically.

These two have a friendship that is characterized by hatred, love, love, and hatred. Whatever sport we play, we all agree that having a partner requires trust. How can you have faith in someone you detest? Jasmine is committed to her activity. She may appear to be a bitch to others, but she is just concerned with what needs to be done.

Jasmine is seeking a new partner and has an interest in both pairs and figure skating. She had no idea that Paul was leaving her until she was matched with Mary, a rival skater she detested. Knowing that her time as a skater is limited, she wants to show the world and herself that she is the best. She is eager to show everyone that her efforts have paid off. She will accept that if it means winning a national title.

From Lukov with Love Epub Reviews

Her goal is to go to the Olympics and take home the gold, though. All of her heartache, broken bones, and sacrifices would be worthwhile if she could achieve that. Jasmine, every successful athlete has had to make a lot of sacrifices in order to be successful. More so for some of us. You are neither the first nor the last person to witness this and feel unhappy about it, he continued, adding, “You don’t become good at anything without having to sacrifice something.”

MZ’s latest novel is by far his best to date. Despite the fact that we might not be athletes who compete in figure skating, we can all identify with the tale and plot since it is so simple to understand, intriguing, and realistic. Ivan and Jasmine, the story’s two primary protagonists, effectively carry the narrative. Ivan is everything I expected him to be, including decisive, kind, kind, brilliant, and hooty.

One of Mariana’s most admirable heroines is Jasmine. She is so tenacious, witty, persistent, and never gives up that there is nothing that can stop her. This novel contains a lot of profanity; it seems to be a part of Jasmine’s attitude of “I don’t give a damn,” and there is one extended sex scene in the final chapter.

A little long-winded, great if you know about figure skating, and great if you like lengthy, detailed monologues with fewer character conversations. Not my favorite MC either, not much depth to either of them or romantic build-up. Much more focused on the skating than the actual romance/relationship between the characters.

From Lukov with Love EPUB is the story of Jasmine Santos and her journey to self-discovery alongside being paired with her mortal enemy, Ivan Lukov. I love good enemies-to-lovers and boy does Zapata know how to write them. The slow burn is beautiful, the banter is next level and the minimal angst is perfect.

Details of From Lukov with Love PDF Book

Book Name:From Lukov with Love: The sensational TikTok hit from the queen of the slow-burn romance!
Author:Mariana Zapata
Pages:384 Pages
Publisher:Headline Eternal; 1st edition
Release Date:13 September 2022

About the Author

Mariana Zapata is a New York Times, USA Today, and a multiple No. 1 Amazon bestselling author. She is a five-time Goodreads Choice Awards nominee in the Romance category. Her novels have been published in thirteen languages. Mariana lives in a small town in Colorado with her husband and beloved Great Dane, Kaiser. She loves reading, anime, and dogs. When she isn’t writing, you can usually find her picking on her loved ones.

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