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Fox Creek: A Novel

Fox Creek PDF by William Kent Krueger: Hello, companions. This post will provide the Native American Literature, Fox Creek PDF by William Kent Krueger. So you can get it in the English language. Atria Books published this book. Stay tuned to this post, and let’s enjoy the Fox Creek: A Novel Book PDF.

Fox Creek: A Novel pdf

Fox Creek by William Kent Krueger PDF Book Summary

The ancient Ojibwe healer Henry Meloux had a vision of his death. As he walks the Northwoods in solitude, he tries to prepare himself peacefully for the end of his long life. But peace is destined to elude him as hunters fill the woods seeking a woman named Dolores Morriseau, a stranger who had come to the healer for shelter and the gift of his wisdom.

Meloux guides this stranger and his great-niece, Cork O’Connor’s wife, to safety deep into the Boundary Waters, his home for more than a century. On the last journey he may ever take into this beloved land, Meloux must do his best to outwit the deadly mercenaries who follow.

Meanwhile, in Aurora, Cork works feverishly to identify the hunters and the reason for their relentless pursuit, but he has little to go on. Desperate, Cork begins tracking the killers but his skills as a hunter are severely tested by nightfall and a late-season snowstorm. He knows only too well that with each passing hour, time is running out. But his fiercest enemy in this deadly game of cat and mouse may well be his deep self-doubt about his ability to save those he loves.

WKK’s novels are uniformly strong, which is one of the best. It is also interesting because WKK is aware of the importance of personal subplots (Cork’s first wife died in one of the earlier novels, e.g.). Here, some focus falls on Cork’s son Stephen and the likelihood that there may be some romance in his future. Another quite compelling character is also introduced and may well become part of the future ensemble cast.

The basic story of fox creek pdf: a woman has come to Iron Lake for some spiritual therapy from Henry Meloux. Her husband is missing and is incommunicado. He is a lawyer who handles land transactions between Native people and those adjoining their tribal lands. Something is going on—something mysterious—in Canada. A name has been heard (“Katie”—or is it “Catie”—or is it an acronym?). Is the husband having an affair, or is he seeking to uncover some nefarious doings? The latter appears possible because a group of mercenaries is trying to find him. These people (with access to helicopters and severe other technology) may be searching for his wife in an attempt to use her to see him. Suddenly we are in the deep north woods by the Boundary Waters. Henry, the wife, and Cork’s wife, Rainy, are being tracked. Cork and the wife’s brother-in-law are tracking the trackers.

Structurally, FOX CREEK differs from the other novels in that WKK quick-cuts between the good guys, the bad guys, and the good guys tracking the bad guys. Cork’s son Stephen is trying another route—meeting with the lost husband’s relatives and linking up with his (attractive, sweet, and able) sister. Approximately 2/3 of the novel concerns the trek through the woods, with bad guys tracking good guys through territory with which they are unfamiliar. For me, at least, it was reminiscent of the comparable but far briefer conclusion of the Crocodile Dundee film, in which the well-dressed and well-armed baddies find themselves over their heads in the Australian outback.

Details of Fox Creek PDF Book

Book Name:Fox Creek
Author:William Kent Krueger
Genre:Literature & Fiction
Pages:400 Pages
Publisher:Atria Books
Release Date:August 23, 2022

About the Author

William Kent Krueger is the New York Times bestselling author of This Tender LandOrdinary Grace (winner of the Edgar Award for best novel), as well as nineteen acclaimed books in the Cork O’Connor mystery series including Lightning Strike and Desolation Mountain.

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