Excuse Me While I Disappear PDF by Laurie Notaro

Excuse Me While I Disappear PDF by Laurie Notaro: Hello, companions. In this post, we will provide the Love & Marriage Humor, Excuse Me While I Disappear PDF by Laurie Notaro. So you can get it in the English language. Little A published this book. Stay tuned to this post, and let’s enjoy the Excuse Me While I Disappear: Tales of Midlife Mayhem Book PDF.

Excuse Me While I Disappear pdf

Excuse Me While I Disappear by Laurie Notaro PDF Book Summary

Laurie Notaro has proved everyone wrong: she didn’t end up in rehab, prison, or cremated at a tender age. She just went gray. At past fifty, every hair’s root is a symbol of knowledge (she knows how to use a landline), experience (she rode in a car with no seat belts), and superpowers (a gray-haired lady can get away with anything).

Though navigating midlife is initially upsetting―the cracking noises coming from her new old body, receiving regular junk mail from mortuaries―Laurie accepts it. And then some. With unintentional abandon, she shoplifts a bag of russet potatoes. Heckles a rude driver from her beat-up Prius. And engages in epic trolling on Nextdoor.com. That, says Laurie, is the brilliance of growing older. With each passing day, you lose an equivalent amount of fear.

And the #1 New York Times bestselling author has never been so fearlessly funny as she is in this empowering, candid, and enlightening memoir about living life on the other side of fifty

A New York Times bestselling author until, according to Notaro, that ill-advised historical novel tanked and she was forced to enter the working world again, Notaro is back with her distinct brand of real-life meets twisted perception meets “I deal with life through humor.”

“Excuse Me While I Disappear: Tales of Midlife Mayhem” finds Notaro (Am I the only one who wonders if she’s related to Tig Notaro?) still overweight, getting older, slightly more jaded, and still trying to find the humor in life.

Despite being somewhat outside Notaro’s target audience, I typically find myself connecting with semi-autobiographical female essayists and consider myself a fan of several writers who would likely be considered literary peers.

Details of Excuse Me While I Disappear PDF Book

Book Name:Excuse Me While I Disappear: Tales of Midlife Mayhem
Author:Laurie Notaro
Genre:Love & Marriage Humor
Pages:256 Pages
Publisher:Little A
Release Date:November 1, 2022

About the Author

Laurie Notaro is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the humor memoirs The Idiot Girls’ Action-Adventure ClubAutobiography of a Fat BrideI Love EverybodyThe Idiot Girl and the Flaming Tantrum of Death, a finalist for the Thurber Prize, and Housebroken, among others. She is also the author of three works of fiction, including the historical novel Crossing the Horizon. Born in Brooklyn, New York, she then spent the remainder of her formative years in Phoenix, Arizona, where she created something of a checkered past.

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