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Come On Man by Joe Concha Book Summary

Come on man PDF book tells, One of the worst presidential terms in American history, Joe Biden’s first term was marked by open borders, record inflation, and increasing crime. On Planet Brandon, though, everything is proceeding as expected.

With 81 million votes, he won. Both the House and the Senate belonged to his party. His approval rating was just under 60% when he started office. The economy began to rebound favorably during his first month in office, and the new COVID-19 vaccines began to be disseminated around the nation.

Even so, Joe Biden’s first term has been a colossal failure despite all of that and more. COVID roared back. Thirteen American servicemen died during the departure from Afghanistan, leaving hundreds more Americans stranded while Afghans jumped out of planes. Homicide records were set in sixteen American cities. More than 2.3 million unauthorized immigrants arrived in the nation. A forty-year peak was reached in inflation. Russia then entered Ukraine. Even the Democrats won’t ask Biden to join them on the campaign trail for the midterm elections because they are too ashamed.

Does Biden’s persistent incompetence and loss of his fastball, though, account for this hot mess, dumpster fire of a record? Joe Concha reminds us what’s actually happening in the White House in Come On, Man! Although Biden may appear to be a bumbling idiot who stumbles from one error to the next, his gaffes have always accurately mirrored progressive aspirations for American politics. Dreams like protecting the environment by taking down Elon Musk and boosting the middle class by raising gas prices to levels comparable to Hunter Biden staying in a motel room. Come On, Man! reveals the true purpose of our presence—absolutely no nonsense!

Come On Man Joe Concha Epub Review

Joe Concha has a way with words. He’s one of those people that says what others are thinking but won’t say out loud. It’s refreshing, most of the time. Here is his new book, “Come On, Man Epub”, Concha uses his nearly brazen style to light up our 46th President.

While you won’t find any new topics in this book, you will find it very clear to see comparisons between the past and present. What did Biden say or believe years ago and what is he selling now? People change and grow over the course of their lives but usually, the core values are reasonably constant; not so with JRB. His positions on abortion, immigration, and war are just a few that come to mind. Concha provides transcripts showing a complete about-face on these issues. There are others but my takeaway was wondering if Biden held anything sacred.

Joe Concha takes a rip at others in the book as they relate heavily to the events from the last 6 years or so: Jen Psaki, The Cuomos, CNN and key personalities, Obama, Hillary; the list goes on. All of these are part and parcel of both the history and present-day making of President Biden.

Clearly written with a definite lean to the right, “Come On Man” does support the assertions with verifiable documentation. If it’s possible to be snarky without being inflammatory, this is a prime example. Concha made his position clear by way of the subtitle but then didn’t beat readers over the head with it for 238 pages. How great to be treated like a grownup!

His Conclusion chapter is not only a summary of the book but a preparation for the 1st Tuesday in November. He asks questions every voter, regardless of party affiliation, should be asking and provides a quote from Ronald Reagan who when running against Jimmy Carter asked potential voters to consider if they were better off than they were 4 years ago. Depending on their response, they would pull an appropriate lever on Election Day. For us, the question is: are you better of than you were 2 years ago?

Details of Come On Man PDF Book

Book Name:Come On, Man!: The Truth About Joe Biden’s Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Presidency
Author:Joe Concha
Genre:Political Commentary & Opinion
Pages:272 Pages
Publisher:Broadside Books
Release Date:September 27, 2022

About the Author

JOE CONCHA was born and raised in the great state of New Jersey. The husband of Jean and father of Cameron and Liam enjoys baseball, the beach, and bourbon. A media and politics columnist for the Hill, he also serves as a Fox News contributor.

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