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The captivating novel Collided by Lauren Asher is about love, loss, and the enduring tie between two individuals. The plot of the novel centers on the journey of the main characters, who are split apart by events beyond their control and their search for one another. Collided is a must-read for anybody who enjoys a decent romance novel because of its compelling plot, likable characters, and intriguing writing style.

Book TitleCollided Special Edition (Dirty Air Special Edition)
AuthorsLauren Asher
GenreNew Adult & College Romance
Size1 MB

Collided by Lauren Asher PDF Summary

The heartbreaking novel Collided by Lauren Asher centers on the lives of two people, Logan and Elise. Elise is a college student who aspires to become a fashion designer, while Logan is a professional racing car driver. They accidentally cross paths and fall in love right away. Their joy, though, is short-lived as a horrific accident splits them apart. The narrative of the book centers on each character’s quest to put the past behind them and forge a path toward reunion.


Collided’s characters are believable and well-developed. Logan is an endearing and self-assured person, but he is also weak and emotionally traumatized. Elise is bright, driven, and fiercely independent, yet she is also incredibly kind and empathic. The two of them have a strong connection, and their love story will stick with you long after you’ve finished the novel.

Style and themes in writing

The vivid and engrossing writing style of Lauren Asher makes it simple for readers to picture the settings and identify with the characters. Themes of love, sorrow, and second chances are prevalent in this emotionally charged book. The author does a great job of examining the complexity of interpersonal relationships as well as the impact of forgiveness.


The novel Collided by Lauren Asher is a page-turner that will send your emotions on a wild ride. It’s no surprise that this novel has developed a devoted fanbase given its compelling plot, well-rounded cast of characters, and intriguing writing style.

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