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Breaking History
Book Name:Breaking History: A White House Memoir
Author:Jennette McCurdy
Pages:512 Pages
Publisher:Broadside Books
Release Date:August 23, 2022

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Breaking History by Jared Kushner Book Summary

In Breaking History book: A White House Memoir, Few White House advisors have had such an expansive portfolio or constant access to the president. Senior adviser Jared Kushner operated quietly behind the scenes from his office next to Trump, preferring to leave the turf wars and television sparring to others. 

Now, Kushner finally tells his story—a fast-paced and surprisingly candid account of how an earnest businessman with no political ambitions was pulled into a presidency that no one saw coming. 

Breaking History pdf takes readers inside debates in the Oval Office, double-crosses at the United Nations, tense meetings in Arab palaces, high-stakes negotiations, and the daily barrage of leaks, false allegations, investigations, and West Wing infighting.

A true historical thriller, this book is not your typical political memoir. Kushner details Washington’s intense resistance to change and reveals how he broke through the past stalemates. Kushner was an outsider among outsiders, a results-driven executive among beltway power brokers. He questioned old assumptions and delivered unprecedented results on trade, criminal justice reform, production of COVID-19 vaccines, and Middle East peace. His successful negotiation of the Abraham Accords, the most significant diplomatic breakthrough in 50 years, earned him a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Written by one of the few people by Trump’s side from his trip down the golden escalator to his final departure from Andrews Air Force Base, Breaking History provides the most honest, nuanced, and definitive understanding of a presidency that will be studied for generations.

This book has 59 main chapters, totaling about 465 pages. At the end of the book, after the Acknowledgements, Notes, and Index, there is a Photos section with 32 pictures. Some pictures of Kushner with his family and many of him with world leaders from different countries.

Breaking History by Jared Kushner Read Online

Kushner starts the book with a Preface that explains some of his motivations for writing this memoir and what he hopes readers will get from it. Then in the first chapter, he recalls a pivotal moment in his life when his father was arrested in 2004 after a bitter family feud had resulted in unexpected betrayals. This was a dramatic way to start a book, as Kushner’s father was facing charges of transporting a prostitute across state lines after trying to set up his brother-in-law…

Throughout the book’s early chapters, Kushner covers some of the significant influences in his life. He talks about his grandparents surviving the Holocaust, his experiences at Harvard, and his challenges as a real estate investor navigating the crash of 2008. He describes how he met Ivanka when her father suggested she meet with him to discuss potential real estate deals. The conversations he recalls seem realistic, as you can almost hear Trump’s voice saying these things. These early chapters set the tone, as Kushner has a knack for telling an entertaining story.

Kushner keeps reflecting on his experiences as he talks about the Trump campaign, disagreements with Chris Christie (who had attacked Kushner’s father), the first few months of the Trump administration, and his family’s decision to leave their New York home and relocate to DC to work in the administration. He talks about disagreements with Steve Bannon and his early challenges balancing critical discussions with Trump’s tweets. As the book progresses, Kushner discusses his interactions with Trump and other international leaders while including passages that discuss his personal and family life. As Kushner recalls talks and exchanges that were never made public, you experience various widely-publicized events from a somewhat different perspective.

About the Author

Jared Kushner is the founder of Affinity Partners, a global investment firm. Previously, he served as Senior Advisor to President Donald J. Trump, and before that, as CEO of Kushner Companies. He also co-founded two technology companies, Cadre and WiredScore. In 2015, he was named Fortune’s 40 under 40; in 2017 was named one of Time’s 100 Most Influential People.

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