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Free download “All the Birds in the Sky” PDF by Charlie Jane Anders. All the Birds in the Sky is a great book for anyone looking for a story that combines magic and science, or for anyone who likes a slightly hipster style of writing.

Description of “All the Birds of the Sky” by Charlie Jane Anders PDF

All the Birds in the Sky is a beautifully written, thoughtful, whimsical, and quirky book about our relationship with nature and our ethical responsibilities in an age of environmental destruction caused by human actions. It’s a unique story. Jane Anders is the author of this book. Combining magic and science, this book is a very unique take on the fused genre. This is a love story of ideological warfare for the soul of humanity. A story structure that weaves together the two threads of magic and technology is probably possible. The story is about a girl named Patricia, a witch, and a boy named Lawrence, a computer wizard. The story begins with the protagonists in middle school, skips several years, and picks up the story again when they are young adults living and working in San Francisco.

All the Birds of the Sky Charlie Jane Anders

Well, at least from the point of view of an outcast, there’s not only the depression, loneliness, fragile friendships, and social pressure that comes with it, but also the positive side of finding something you love and learning more about yourself. Patricia can use real magic and Lawrence takes pleasure in inventing, but both are lonely and misunderstood at school. The school-age chapter highlights how girls and boys are bullied differently, with boys often receiving physical abuse from classmates, and girls being excluded or denigrated by their peers (e.g., at school). The children think Patricia is a Satanist).

More About All the Birds of the Sky by Charlie Jane Anders PDF

  • Name: All birds in the sky
  • Author: Charlie Jane Anders
  • ISBN: 0765379953
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Environment, fiction
  • Format: PDF/ePub
  • Size: 2MB
  • Number of pages: 320
  • Price: Free

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