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Agatha Christie: An Elusive Woman by Lucy Worsley: Hello, companions. In this post, we will provide the Pacific Islanders Biography, Agatha Christie: An Elusive Woman PDF by Lucy Worsley. So you can get it in the English language. Pegasus Crime published this book. Stay tuned to this post, and let’s enjoy the Agatha Christie: An Elusive Woman Book PDF.

Agatha Christie: An Elusive Woman pdf

Agatha Christie by Lucy Worsley Book Summary

Why did Agatha Christie spend her career pretending she was “just” an ordinary housewife when she clearly wasn’t?  Her life is fascinating for its mysteries and passions, and, as Lucy Worsley says, “She was thrillingly, scintillatingly modern.”  She went surfing in Hawaii, loved fast cars, and was intrigued by the new science of psychology, which helped her through her devastating mental illness.

So why did Agatha present herself as a retiring Edwardian lady of leisure despite all the evidence to the contrary? 

She was born in 1890 into a world with its own rules about what women could and couldn’t do. Lucy Worsley’s biography is not just of a massively, internationally successful writer. It’s also the story of a person who became an astonishingly successful working woman despite the obstacles of class and gender.

With access to personal letters and papers that have rarely been seen, Lucy Worsley’s biography is both authoritative and entertaining. It makes us realize what an extraordinary pioneer Agatha Christie was—truly a woman who wrote the twentieth century.

According to this excellent biography from historian Worsley, Agatha Christie was a modernist, an iconoclast, and a groundbreaker. Worsley offers close readings of Christie’s work and presents a careful reframing of the novelist’s famous 1926 disappearance. Worsley makes her subject feel fresh and new by drawing on personal letters and modern criticism. This is a must-read for Christie fans.

Worsley comes up with another winner in this energetic, endearing biography. Agatha Christie was elusive, Worsley argues, because she ‘deliberately played upon the fact that she seemed so ordinary.’ Worsley also shows how Christie took care to create narratives that put women’s lives center stage and how her personal experiences informed her work. Worsley writes one of Christie’s gifts was to ‘democratize the Gothic.’  While building a devoted audience, she was also breaking new ground.  Throughout, Worsley takes us behind the scenes to reveal classic ‘Christie tricks’ from her books. With great affection, Worsley masterfully maneuvers her way through Christie’s life and prolific oeuvre.

Lucy Worsley brings Agatha Christie back to life, revealing a strong, pioneering, knowledgeable woman whose detective novels rank among the best. Worsley shows us Christie’s faults and flaws in the context of her time; she evokes her houses, clothes, and the central mystery of her life in spritely sentences with a sharp ear for dialogue. Reading Worsley is as enjoyable as reading Christie herself

Details of Agatha Christie: An Elusive Woman PDF Book

Book Name:Agatha Christie: An Elusive Woman
Author:Lucy Worsley 
Pages:423 Pages
Publisher:Pegasus Crime
Release Date:September 6, 2022

About the Author

Lucy Worsley OBE is Chief Curator at the charity Historic Royal Palaces. She also presents history documentaries for the BBC. Her bestselling books include Queen VictoriaJane Austen at HomeThe Art of the English Murder; and If Walls Could Talk: An Intimate History of the Home.

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